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“MOROKOTOUR” invites you to explore Fez in guided tour. Explore the heart of the old medina - the uniqueness of Fez does not come out of the blue but from a rich cultural heritage. Even if it is no longer the political capital as it is used to be, it is still the enlightening cultural and spiritual center of the kingdom. In this imperial city you find the world's oldest university namely Al-Qarawiyyin founded by Fatima Al-Fihriya in 859. The UNESCO also claims that it is indeed the oldest subsisting and continually functioning educational institution in the world. There also other schools such as Madras Bouanania built by Abu Inan Faris, and also Al-Attarine madrasa by sultan Uthman II Abu Said under the Mirinids. This exclusive medina is also condensed with fascinating doors like the Blue Gate (Bab Boujloud), mausoleums like Moulay Idriss, museums the one of fine arts Batha and the other one of wooden arts and crafts Najjarine. Furthermore, there are still other amazing things to explore in this walled city.

The main gate of the Royal Palace where you can see the meticulous of the craftsmen, in front of that impressive gate there is a large plaza with palm trees. Not far away from the Royal Palace you can find the synagogue and the Jewish Quarter which is considered the first one in Morocco and it was established in 1438. For a incredible panoramic view you can reach it from both ancient southern and northern fort. Unforgettable memories will certainly last in your mind forever by the end of this breathtaking tour.




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“MOROKOTOUR” organizes day excursions from Fez with local guides to explore best Morocco destinations near Fez city.

All our day excursions from Fez are private, day trips from Fez are available every day and guided with experienced and local guides, drivers.

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