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“MOROKOTOUR” invites you to explore Ouzoud waterfalls in day excursion from Marrakech. Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at 08:00 and start your Marrakech trip to the beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls. The drive is approximately 2.5-hours with a possible 15-minute stop to empty the tanks and have a coffee to fully wake up. Your knowledgeable driver will keep you entertained during with local anecdotes, stories about the areas you're passing through and Morocco's culture and costumes in general. This full-day trip will give you the opportunity to soak the beauty of the nature in Ouzoud Waterfalls, take an adventurous hike through olive groves to the source of the waterfall.

Pass through the tiny village of Ouzoud, continue past the many souvenir stalls, start climbing down the stairs past the many cafes. Right before starting on the stairs, you will have had your first view over the waterfalls, and it will look amazing. There is another route to get to the base of the waterfalls, more fun but a little bit more challenging, if you are in good shape and have good boots on, definitely take it, incredible views and more monkeys encounters. Not only does it give the best views of the waterfalls and good opportunities for swimming, it is also a place to rest. There are small boats that can take you on a tour. These boats serve little practical use, since it is easy to walk over to the other side but they are there for the purpose of charm. This is also the home of the famous macaque monkeys, the naturally tail-less monkeys that you find performing in the main square in Marrakech. It is delightful to see them roaming free in their native habitat. There are several lunchtime restaurants (not included), all of which have spectacular views.




- Transfer from and to your hotel

- Guided tour

- Private transfer from Marrakech

- Explore Ouzoud waterfalls


- Day excursion starts from your hotel

- Day excursion is available every day

- Price for the day excursion from Marrakech depends on season and how many people travelling with you. Please contact us for best price we can offer you today.

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- We departure at 8 am

- We return back at 7pm


“MOROKOTOUR” organizes day excursions from Marrakech with local guides to explore best Morocco destinations near Marrakech city.

All our day excursions from Marrakech are private, day trips from Marrakech are available every day and guided with experienced and local guides, drivers.

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